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Rates & Services

The Children's Academy's hours of operation are Monday through Friday 7am-5:30pm.  

Tuition rates include the hours of 7am-3:30pm and are as follows:

Primary Program (3-5yrs)

Full Time 4-5 days per wk:    $745/mo                                        

Part Time A. 3 days per wk:   $585/mo   

Part Time B. 2 days per wk:   $460/mo

Toddler Program(18mo-3yrs)

Full Time 4-5 days per wk:   $815/mo

Part Time A. 3 days per wk:  $625/mo

Part Time B. 2 days per wk:  $485/mo

Extra day care hours 3:30-5:30pm $2.00 per hour.

Drop-In Rates

Daily Drop-In Rate Toddler: $35 per day

Daily Drop-In Rate Primary: $30 per day

A registration fee of $200 is required for each family, this fee is non-refundable.  

A deposit in the amount of your tuition rate is due at the time of enrollment. The deposit is fully refundable during child's last 30days of enrollment. 

Tuition is due on the first of the month and is considered late after the 5th and subject to a 10% late fee.  Tuition is not subject to deduction due to absences; however tuition that is paid prior to the first of the month will result in a half-day credit.  These credits can be accumulated and used toward tuition deductions for subsequent absences. 


 The Children's Academy offers the following to our Academy families:

  • diaper wipes (toddlers)
  • bottled, filtered, chilled water
  • Strictly Organic fruits & vegetables, local whole grains, & plant proteins for two snacks daily
  • Hypo-allergenic rest mats
  • Weekly record sheets showing our students' progress & interests in the classroom
  • Referral tuition bonuses