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Rates & Services

The Children's Academy's hours of operation are Monday through Friday 7am-5:30pm.  

Tuition rates include the hours of 7am-3:30pm and are as follows:

Primary Program (3-5yrs)

Full Time 4-5 days per wk:    $725/mo                                        

Part Time A. 3 days per wk:   $570/mo   

Part Time B. 2 days per wk:   $450/mo

Toddler Program(18mo-3yrs)

Full Time 4-5 days per wk:   $795/mo

Part Time A. 3 days per wk:  $610/mo

Part Time B. 2 days per wk:  $470/mo

Extra day care hours 3:30-5:30pm $2.00 per hour.

Drop-In Rates

Daily Drop-In Rate Toddler: $35 per day

Daily Drop-In Rate Primary: $30 per day

After School Hours (School-aged children)

2 days per week : $200 per month

3 days per week: $275 per month

4-5 days per week: $350 per month 

A registration fee of $100 is required for each family, this fee is non-refundable.  Tuition is due on the first of the month and is considered late after the 5th and subject to a 10% late fee.  Tuition is not subject to deduction due to absences; however tuition that is paid prior to the first of the month will result in a half-day credit.  These credits can be accumulated and used toward tuition deductions for subsequent absences. 


 The Children's Academy offers the following to our Academy families:

  • diaper wipes (toddlers)
  • bottled, filtered, chilled water
  • Strictly Organic fruits & vegetables, local whole grains, & plant proteins for two snacks daily
  • Hypo-allergenic rest mats
  • Weekly record sheets showing our students' progress & interests in the classroom
  • Referral tuition bonuses